MiliWorlds is a fast retro-style two player arcade game for tablets.

Players wage war against each other by building defense and attack towers, taking down enemy airships and launching deadly missiles against the opponent’s defense line.


Originally developed in 2013, MiliWorlds was created by Laurent Bédubourg as part of the “One Game a Month” personal indie challenge. It stays as a children game for a year, achieving its climax when Laurent’s nephew (a frequent MiliWorlds player) meets the Queen of England. They probably didn’t talk about MiliWorlds but, hey, the Queen, right?

In late 2014 Laurent meets graphic designer Yeray Pérez in a co-working space in Barcelona and shows MiliWorlds to him. Yeray likes the game and wants to contribute to it, so the makeshift team goes back to the drawing board and revamps the whole thing.

New 8-bit graphics and music and improved game-play make Miliworlds a brand new experience.

It’s time to say “Hello world”. With missiles and explosions.


  • Local 2 player fun
  • Quick and easy game-play
  • Difficulty augments with the opponent's skills
  • Arcade vs. resource management
  • Revamped retro graphics
  • 8-bit music by Teknoaxe
  • Free to play with ads,
  • In app purchase to remove ads and support creators

About creators

Laurent Bédubourg ( is an indie game developer and experimenter. He creates games for mobile devices, the web and reality. He’s been making games for 12 years both by himself and as part of Motion Twin, his former web game studio. With a few friends, Laurent also created French Cows, a french indie collective which is publishing MiliWorlds.

Yeray Pérez ( is a graphic designer with too many interests. He has been designing for 10 years and has cut his teeth in advertising, print, web and app design. His main specialty is paper engineering, possibly because being a graphic designer was too mainstream.


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